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Java Database Connection Strings

Java Database Connection JDBC is a Java-based data access technology (Java Standard Edition platform) from Sun Microsystems. It is an acronym as it is unofficially referred to as Java Database Connectivity, with DB being universally recognized as the abbreviation for database. This technology is an API for the Java programming language that defines how a […]

JeazyProps (Revisited)

As we Discussed Earlier in the Following Post An Overview JeazyProps is a java framework, that used to load the properties dynamically into a POJO. It Automatically draws the GUI to save the properties to the file, either as XML or as .properties file. It reduces the effort for loading the properties from file, […]

MVC architecture – A OverView

Software development is always subject to change, especially change the interface of the application code because the interface is the part that interacts directly with the user, and that is the fundamental to the user for ease of use applications. With the changes, it will display the potential for a change also in the other […]

Java Programming and its features

Originally posted on christyarnott15:
Introduction of Java Programming Java programming is in fact a computer language constructed by James Gosling belonging to Sun Microsystems and was presented on the seen in the year 1995. First version of Java was Java 1.0 and it was published and presented to public in the year 1995. As the…

The FIVE qualities you MUST have to achieve your goals!

The FIVE qualities you MUST have to achieve your goals! “A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.” – Kahlil Gibran, writer. MOTIVATION You must have the force which drives you to take action. The force and the action are inseparable: motivation does not exist without there being […]