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JeazyProps (Revisited)

As we Discussed Earlier in the Following Post


An Overview

JeazyProps is a java framework, that used to load the properties dynamically into a POJO. It Automatically draws the GUI to save the properties to the file, either as XML or as .properties file. It reduces the effort for loading the properties from file, assigning to the bean and writing the properties to the file.


  1. Reduces complexity and LOC of codes to load number of properties.
  2. Supports various data types such as String, Boolean, Integer and Double.
  3. Supports Encryption such as Base64, TripleDes and AES by default.
  4. Supports both XML and .properties file.
  5. Supports both class path file and external file.
  6. Supports different GUI components dynamically as per the data type.
  7. Supports Validation of data.
  8. Supports user defined Encryption Algorithms.
  9. Zero lines code to Update and Save the properties on run time.
  10. Well Designed and completely documented using javadoc.
  11. Additional functionality of displaying properties in command window

Added Features

  1. Supports property file packed inside the jar to read.
  2. On saving, Overrides the property inside jar by using an classpath property file.
  3. File and Path selection option using filechooser With validation.
  4. Integrable with the main application, and display as separate window.
  5. Dual Mode Display (Read Mode and Read-Write Mode)
  6. Supports the main application’s Look and feel.


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